Applied Near-Surface Geophysics (GEODE)


Lead Researcher
Foto de  Pedro Martínez Pagán
  • Full professor of university
Responsible Researcher
Foto de  Marcos Antonio Martínez Segura
  • Hired professor doctoral candidate


Applied near-surface geophysics (ERT, GPR, Seismic, TEM/FEM, etc.) to mining, hydrogeology, environment, archaeology, precision agriculture, geotechnics, and seismic studies on urban areas about earthquake risks.

Foto de  Andrés Perales Agüera
Perales Agüera, Andrés

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  • Full professor of university
Foto de  Celia Cegarra Caracena
Cegarra Caracena, Celia
Foto de  Marco David Vásconez Maza
Vásconez Maza, Marco David