Beatriz Miguel: "We have received an enthusiastic support from the European Union"

Publicada el 01.Feb.2022

The hundred representatives of the seven European universities which, together with the UPCT, are part of the 'polytechnic supercampus',  were received this morning by the rector, Beatriz Miguel, her delegate for the European University of Technology (EUt+), Rafael Toledo, and the general coordinator of this consortium, Timothée Toury, in a plenary session held in the Paraninfo.

"We have received an enthusiastic support for the consortium from the European Union", said the rector of the Universidad Politécnica of Cartagena, highlighting that "Europe is aware that changes must come through the universities".

The agenda of meetings will focus on joint study projects and laboratories, as well as other strands of work in teaching innovation, research and ethics. In addition, a meeting of scientists specialised in nanotechnology and a meeting of European entrepreneurs are also being held.