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If you are interested in studying Spanish with us, follow these steps:


You must do  a placement test in order to know which group you will be in. The test will be taken online through TEAMS on  December 20th, 21st and 22nd. To do the test  you must  send an email to spanish@upct.es  or area-ele@upct.es  before 14th December writing in  the subject of the email  level test and your name. Before the date of the test you will receive another email with the link and the day and time of your test.

If you have NEVER STUDIED SPANISH, YOU MUSTN´T TAKE THE TEST. In this case, just send us an email writing in the subject: beginner and your name. Then insert  ´Español A1.1´ in your learning agreement.

Once you know your group, you will have all the information you need to begin: your group, the schedule and the name of your teacher on this web.



Once you know your group  add the Spanish course in your LEARNING AGREEMENT, signed by your UPCT coordinator.


3. GET THE CREDITS (1.5 ECTS). When you have registered, if you want to get the credits, you must:

1st. Assist at least 80% of the classes. (Class attendance is mandatory for those who would like the credits). The lessons will be ONLINE (TEAMS).

2nd. Pass the exam at the end of the semester.




Español A1.1

 lunes: 13-14:15

 miércoles: 13-14:15

 Juana Mari Belchí


 Español A1.2

 martes: 13-14:15

 viernes: 13-14.15h 

 Juana Mari Belchí


 Español A2.2


 miércoles: 13:15-14:30h

 Cristina Giménez Devesa


 Español B1.2


 miércoles: 12-13:15h

 Cristina Giménez Devesa


 Español B2.2

 martes y jueves:12-13:15h

 Cristina Giménez Devesa



 COURSE DATES: from February 7th to June 1st 2022

 FINAL EXAMS: May 30th and 31st 2022



No learning, No credits, MUST WATCH!

link to fileResultado Pruebas de Nivel Español
(Pruebas Nivel Español)


 In case you have questions related to the contents of the courses, email us:  spanish@upct.es

 Finally, read carefully this information:

  1. You have two classes per week.
  2. Classes start on February 7th.
  3. Classes end on June 1st.
  4. If  your Spanish classes clash with your other subjects you need to speak to your Spanish teacher.
  5. If you want to recognize the credits (1.5 ECTS) you need to:

A/ attend at least 80% of the classes, which means if you miss more than 6 classes you will not receive the credits or a certificate.

B/ pass the final exam.

  1. The Spanish exam will take place on May 31st.
  2. The final exam consists of three sections:

- Group 1- reading comprehension and writing skills.

- Group 2 - use of language.

- Group 3- listening comprehension and speaking.

  1. The maximum grade that you may obtain in the exam is a 7 out of 10. The final 3 points will be given to you depending on your attendance, participation in class and presentation of homework. 
  2. The final grade: end of year exam (7 points) + attendance participation in class and presentation of homework (3 points).
  3.  If you need to speak with your teacher you can find us on the 3rd floor of the ELDI building, in the International Relations Office.