EUt+ researchers present around 30 papers on nanomaterials and nanotechnology

Biomedicine, photonics and quantum technologies are some of the topics covered by the EUTINN research institute at the European supercampus

Publicada el 02.Feb.2022

At the forefront of the latest scientific advances in the nanometric scale of matter, thirty researchers from the Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology of the European University of Technology are sharing their achievements in this field yesterday and today at the workshop being held at the UPCT as part of the meeting of the EUt+ consortium of eight polytechnic universities in Cartagena.

Approximately 30 papers are being presented in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face and remote attendance,  and recording the content to be made openly available, like last year's meeting. "We will deal with a wide range of topics, from photonics to biomedicine, as well as quantum technologies and applications in electronics and biology," explains workshop coordinator and UPCT researcher Javier Cerrillo.

The Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies of the European University of Technology, EUTINN, aims to bring together researchers from the eight EUt+ universities working on nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and sensors, nanotechnologies for information and communication technologies and for energy applications, nanomedicine and nanobiology, and nanomaterials and nanotechnologies applied to toxicology, pollution, food or agriculture.

Proposing joint research projects and offering internships to promote student exchanges, as well as training and teaching exchanges for professors and researchers are also objectives of EUTINN, one of the five research institutes created at the European University of Technology.