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GEM is awarded with the prize Isaac Peral 2011, as the best research group of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

The Association of Telecommunication Engineers in the Region of Murcia awards the prize “Telecommunication Engineer 2010” to Alejandro Díaz, member of GEM.


Success in the summer course, Las redes de nueva generación. Modelos políticos y tecnológicos, taught by Antonio Martínez González

GEM develops the Spanish thermal noise primary standard.

GEM researches new food containers for catering applications.

GEM opens its new facilities in CEDIT.

Juan Monzó, new secretary of AMPERE.

Juan Luis Pedreño, new Vice-chancellor for Information Technologies and Communications.

GEM coordinates the European Project NANOMICRO.

Juan Luis Pedreño, member of GEM, new president of the Professional Association of Telecommunication Engineers in the Region of Murcia.

GEM develops a system that saves a 60% of energy in industrial microwave ovens.

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