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    Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles &

    Nano-Bio 2007   

    Scientists Meet Doctors

    Torre Pacheco, Spain, Europe, Nov 6-7-8-9, 2007

    To the memory of Prof. A. MacDiarmid,

     he had accepted our invitation as plenary lecturer of the congress and his nomination as Honorary Doctor of the Polytechnic Univ. of Cartagena.


    The aim of the Meeting is to offer high-level lectures, extensive discussions and communications covering the state of the art on biomimetics and artificial muscles, providing an overview on their potential applications in the medical field, more particularly in  the treatment of cardiac diseases.

    Major areas of interest are:


Artificial noses,

Artificial tongues,

Smart membranes, 

Mimetic skins (smart windows, glasses and mirrors, smart camouflage)

 Intelligent medical dosage (smart glands), Intelligent chemicals and fertilizers dosage

Smart bio-sensor

Artificial nervous interfaces: electron-neurotransmiter transduction

Artificial Photosynthetic Systems

Artificial Muscles (Polymeric or inorganic)

Electrochemomechanical (conducting polymers, nanotubes)

Electromechanical: Electrostrictive actuators, Piezoelectric actuators, Ferroelectric actuators, Electrostatic actuators, Electrokinetic actuators (electroosmotic)

Thermomechanical optomechanical.

Molecular Motors

Artificial Muscles for the Failing Heart. (One session for medical applications)


Nano-biosensor,                                                                                                   nano-bio-chip (miroarray devices, nanoelectrodes, nanotubes and nanotubules)


    For the first time, scientists and physicians will have an open discussion on understanding the capabilities and limitations on artificial muscles behaviour, and understanding the capabilities and limitations of artificial muscles in the treatment of cardiac and vascular diseases, and identifying merging actuators for medical applications.





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