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Convocatoria FICHE... hasta 217.000 para SMEs y startups en temas de e-Health y FI-WARE
Fecha de Inicio: 02-10-2014
Fecha de Fin: 31-12-2014
Tipo: Becas y Ayudas
Descripción: FICHe
Does your company create innovative ICT applications for the e-Health market? Apply to the FICHe, where the best companies can get up to 217 000 euros for application development.
What is FICHe?
Future Internet Challenge eHealth (FICHe) is a challenge for SMEs and startups in Europe develoing innovative ICT applications for the eHealth market building upon the FIWARE technology, i.e. FIWARE generic enablers, specific enablers and/or domain specific platforms ( combined with actual use needs and business development, targeting the public and private sectors as well as consumers. FICHe will provide SMEs or startups with direct funding, technical training, business coaching and co-creation with end users.
Total of 6.24 million euros are given to companies in the FICHe challenge for application development. The grant will be given in three phases. 80 companies are chosen to attend the challenge and will receive 15 000 euros for business model development, 40 companies will continue with 50 000 euros for developing proof of concept and 20 companies will be chosen for thefinal round with 152 000 euros to create and test a prototype. As a result SMEs and startups have a field lab tested prototype, elaborated business plans and go-to-market strategy.
FICHe will use a funnel approach which, after an initial phase for the evaluation and selection of the most promising proposals, will feature a continuous evaluation of the selected projects under a competitive scheme, which will see grants to fewer projects after each phase evaluation. The phases and number of projects will be as follows:

Who can participate?
This challenge is intended for start-ups and SMEs.
A SME will be considered as such if it adheres to the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC1 and the SME user guide 2. As a summary, the criteria which define a SME are:
 Headcount in Annual Work Units (AWU) of less than 250.
 Annual turnover of less than or equal to €50 million OR an annual balance sheet total of less than or equal to €43 million. Note that the figures of partner and linked enterprises should also be considered, as stated in the SME user guide 2.

How to apply?
SMEs and start-ups are invited to submit their ideas for innovative applications following in specific format. This ensures that the procedure is transparent and all the ideas submitted contain the same level of content. The submission will take place through the F6S website. This means the applicants are required to register a profile at F6S to be able to submit their idea.
To register, please go to:
Follow FICHe on F6s
Call opens on September 15th, 2014. Submit your application at

To find out more about the process, please see the Guide for Applicants
Open call text -
Useful info:
More information about FIWARE

Webinars about FIWARE:

FICHe is a Collaborative Project and Coordination and Support action co-funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme. The project partners are the University of Oulu, Business Oulu, TIC BioMed, FFIS de la region de Murcia, TNO, the Amsterdam Economic Board, Stichting zorgInc., Dutch eHealth Fund Management BV and Stichting


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