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“The UPCT provided the fundamental knowledge for solving problems”

Carlos Vitoria (Murcia –Spain- 1983) studied Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Cartagena. After his studies, he decided to go on an adventure by working abroad. After three years of working for the construction company ACS, in Greece, he decided to move on. He set himself a new goal, which was to get an MBA degree in England. Today, he is working in the headquarters of Deloitte Consulting, in the heart of London.

- How do you feel when you think of your time as a student at the Technical University of Cartagena?

- I have only positive memories. The truth is, as soon as you start working you actually learn how to use the knowledge you obtained at University. This is the place where you learn everything that is important to become successful at work. The University provided me the fundamentals in physics, math and statistics. All this knowledge helped me to solve problems or to face challenges at work many times.

- Why have you decided to move to another country?

- I decided to move for several reasons. In fact, I always wanted to go abroad. When in 2008 the economic crisis begun I took the opportunity to go abroad. International experience is always valued highly by companies. You constantly face unknown situations and you constantly have to solve problems that occur. It surely makes you grow personally and professionally.

- How important are social networks when it comes to finding an employment?

- They are very useful. In my case, especially Linkedin played an important role. Social networks give you the opportunity to present yourself online. At the same time, companies may find new employees easily only by looking at their CVs through Google. Online networks are definitely a helpful source when you start looking for a job. In fact, thanks to Linkedin, recruiters contacted me directly, after they saw my online profile on the internet page.

- Do you recommend young graduates of the UPCT to seek their future abroad?

- Absolutely. Certainly, my experience has been very good. However, there are many different ways to go to another country that have to be considered. The best way is probably to find a job in a Spanish company, because they usually offer positions with a better payment and with more responsibilities.

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