J. Martínez-Frutos, Robust Optimal Design of Structures using Stochastic Metamodels, Doctoral dissertation, Technical University of Cartagena.
J. Martínez-Frutos, D. Herrero-Pérez, Massively Parallel Evolutionary Structural Optimization for High Resolution Architectural Design. Advances in Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for...

Dr. Rogelio Ortigosa

Dr. Rogelio Ortigosa

Postdoctoral researcher

Juan de la Cierva fellowship

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

ETSII Office B023

Campus Muralla del Mar. Hospital de Marina

C Dr. Fleming SN. 30202 Cartagena


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Fax: +34 968 338916 

Email: rogelio.ortigosa@upct.es

Scopus Author ID: 56347705900

ResearcherID: F-6302-2016

MathSciNet ID: 1091151


My main lines of research cover the following areas: (1) development of well-posed constitutive models for electro-active materials in the context of large deformations and large electric fields; (2) implementation of novel mixed finite element formulations for the simulation of electro-active materials circumventing parasitic locking phenomena; (3) design of Energy-Momentum implicit time integration schemes in the context of electro-dynamics, thermo-dynamics and thermo-electro-dynamics; (4) topology optimisation in the context of large deformations and large strains. 


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