J. Martínez-Frutos, Robust Optimal Design of Structures using Stochastic Metamodels, Doctoral dissertation, Technical University of Cartagena.
J. Martínez-Frutos, D. Herrero-Pérez, Massively Parallel Evolutionary Structural Optimization for High Resolution Architectural Design. Advances in Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for...

About us

Welcome to MC3 group

The Computational Mechanics and Scientific Computing group is a multi-disciplinary and collaborative group of researchers formed to acquire integrative knowledge skills and their collaborative styles to develop interdisciplinary research projects. The group is composed of researchers and professors from different areas such as Continuum Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing and Computer Science. The Computational Mechanics and Scientific Computing Group at the Technical University of Cartagena specializes in developing rational design procedures based on mathematical optimization techniques and High Performance Computing for use in structural and multidisciplinary design problems. This research is developed across several fields such as High Performance Computing, numerical methods for large scale models, Finite Elements Methods, Surrogate Models, Partial Differential Equations, Optimization, Control and Uncertainty Quantification.

Currently, the group is involved in several funded research projects, as well as collaborations with various international researchers from cutting-edge laboratories, industry and other universities.




Laboratorio de Mecánica Computacional y Computación Científica (MC3)

ETSII. Edificio Hospital de Marina. 3ª planta.

Campus Muralla del Mar.

 30202 C/ Dr. Fleming S/N Cartagena, Murcia. 

+34 968338984