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Degree in Naval Architecture and Engineering of Marine Systems

Degree in Naval Architecture and Engineering of Marine Systems.

Professional Qualification

This is a degree title whose aim is to provide an adequate training in some of the technological activities linked to the field of Naval Engineering, in particular those related to projecting, building, maintenance and repairing of ships.

Technological activities linked to the field of Naval Engineering are, among others:
  • Project design.
  • Manufacturing engineering.
  • Management of construction work.
  • Technical inspection
  • Safety
  • Rescue
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Transformations
  • Refurbishment
  • Repairing, etc.
These activities are developed, mainly, around the following technical areas:
  • Ships and boats of all types.
  • Platforms and floating and fixed devices (floating docks, exploring and exploiting of maritime resources, etc.)
  • Fish farms and fishing systems
  • Management of maritime companies (shipyards, dockyards, etc.)

The application area of these activities is so vast that, within the teaching cycle established by the European Space of Higher Education, they are distributed between the studies of Degree and Master Degree. The first area will be developed in the Degree and the following three areas in the Master Degree.

The Degree title in Naval Architecture and Engineering of Marine Systems at the UPCT includes the two specialised technological training sections, both in Marine Structures and Ship Propulsion and Service, which will grant the student all-round qualifications in all the aspects related to project design, building, maintenance and repairing of ships, providing them with a better training, not only for their professional development but also for their eventual access to the studies in Master in Naval and Oceanic Engineering. Also, this degree title will allow students to claim the professional functions from both specialities of Technical Naval Engineer.

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