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Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering

Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering

Professional Qualification

The Industrial Chemical Engineers who develop their job in the industry field are responsible for innovative proposals and for improving processes in the sectors of Basic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical products, Petro-chemistry, Metallurgy, Food industry, Industrial Biochemistry or Primary Plastic materials. Products derived from these industries play a crucial part in our modern lifestyle, though it becomes necessary to have professionals at our disposal with these skills (ability to improve processes and products), so that a decrease in costs and environmental impact can be achieved. These professionals will have to have a good knowledge of the scientific and technological principals which are specific for this area, so that they can solve real problems that will often demand important decision-taking. Also, they must show organizational and management skills, which will allow them to develop their job effectively and efficiently, with special emphasis on the integral vision of the technical, environmental, and economical aspects implied.

The Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering offers the possibility for the student to intensify their qualification in engineering of chemical processes or to specialize in some given chemical sectors. Agreements with companies and mobility agreements with other European universities allow the students to complete their education with training periods in companies or exchange programs. The analysis of job advertisements for the newly graduated in this field of industrial engineering shows excellent career prospects.

Students who obtain this degree title will acquire the abilities needed to design and develop projects in the field of Chemical Engineering which involve the construction, refurbishment, repairing, maintenance, demolition, manufacturing, installing, assembling, and exploiting of energy facilities, industrial processing plants and facilities, as well as environmental management and control systems, in accordance with the applicable law of professional functions (Law 12/1986).

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