The EUt+ Student Council will support mobility students and organise international tournaments

Promoting the extension of existing student associations to the eight universities is another of its objectives
Publicada el 07.Feb.2022

In parallel to the meetings of the European University of Technology in Cartagena, student representatives from these polytechnics have agreed at the UPCT to set up the EUt+ Student Council, an autonomous body that will look after the interests of students within the consortium, which will help to solve issues for those undertaking mobility at one of the eight universities of the alliance, and which will promote cooperation and competitions between associations and sports and technology teams.

"Each university will have two representatives in the Council and one vote in decision-making," explains Pedro Martínez Plaza, UPCT student delegate in EUt+. At the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, representation will be linked to the university's Student Council and will be renewed every year, with a maximum of two years in office.

The members of the EUt+ Student Council will be the contact point for all mobility students in the eight destinations of the European University of Technology: Cartagena (Spain), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Darmstadt (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Limassol (Cyprus), Riga (Latvia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Troyes (France).

"We are mapping the student associations and competitive teams that exist in each university to see if it is possible to replicate them in the other EUt+ sites," says Pedro Martínez. The organisation of team sports tournaments is one of the first challenges they are setting themselves, with which they also want to increase awareness among the students of the European University of Technology.

Today's meeting of EUt+ students in Cartagena included the presentation of the association Equipo Europa and the EPSO talent selection office for European institutions, by Pablo Calleja, ambassador of EU Careers and PhD student at UPCT.