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International Students

International Students

International Students

International students may study here as an exchange student, but without receiving any academic degree from the UPCT, in either of the following two ways:

1. An international programme for a fixed period and only for part of your course of study (Erasmus, etc.) or

2. A specific agreement between your educational institution and our University.

It also is possible to matriculate in our University as an independent student if you meet one of the following requirements:

a) You have completed secondary school level studies in a foreign.

It is then necessary to do two things:

1 - Have your academic qualifications officially validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. For further information:

2 - Pass the University entrance exam (PAU)

This exam is called the "Selectividad", and is given under the auspices of the National Distance Learning University (UNED)

There are pre-established registration periods based on the country from which you are coming and in which the exam is to be taken.

international students

For further information please contact:

SECCIÓN DE SELECTIVIDAD U.N.E.D. c/ Senda del Rey, nº 11 - 28040 MADRID – SPAIN
+34 91 398 66 12/13/16
+34 91 398 66 79

b) You have started studies at a foreign university and would like to continue at the UPCT.

Modules studied abroad will be validated by a Spanish university under conditions set by the Consejo de Coordinacin Universitaria.

When a course of study has been completed with the granting of a foreign diploma, the student may elect either to apply for conversion of the diploma to a Spanish degree or for validation of a portion of the degree for the purpose of further studies.

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